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A working group of concerned individuals in the UK, each with close links to the MENA region, set out to find a way to support impactful educational projects in Lebanon and Syria. The initial aim was to focus on the children of Syrian and Iraqi refugee communities in Lebanon, as well as Lebanese children whose families were vulnerable to the escalating financial crisis there.


TCCT is established and  registered with  the UK Charity Commission.


TCCT is officially launched and announces a joint cooperation agreement with Caritas Lebanon for its Afterschool Program


TCCT begins its fundraising efforts to support the Afterschool Program


Consultants to the Trust

Myrna Chamieh - Lebanon

Pietro Rocco di Torrepadula - UK

UK Charity Commission

The Constantinian Charitable Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1182612) as of April 2019

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