In 2016 a group of concerned individuals in the UK formed a Working Group to see if a way could be found to sponsor impactful educational projects targeted initially at the children of displaced Syrian and Iraqi communities, as well as those severely disadvantaged in their financially stressed host country of Lebanon.


Lebanon, a country that has never fully recovered from its own devastating civil war as well as being severely impacted by the war in neighbouring Syria has absorbed more than 1.5 million refugees on top of the 750,000 Palestinians who first arrived in 1949. The Working Party which completed its work in 2018, including field trips to Lebanon, recommended for its first project forming a partnership with Caritas Lebanon, the largest domestic NGO. The focus would be to assist in the raising of funds for its ground-breaking ‘Afterschool Program’ first launched in 2005.


Consultant to the Trust - Lebanon

Mrs Myrna Chamieh

UK Charity Commission

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