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The Constantinian Charitable Trust and Caritas Lebanon announce their intention to cooperate in raising funds for the ‘Afterschool Program’

Caritas Lebanon, part of the global Caritas Internationalis relief organization, and The Constantinian Trust in the UK are pleased to announce a joint cooperation agreement centred on the Caritas Lebanon ‘Afterschool Program’.


The programme was founded 14 years ago in 2005 with the primary objective of providing essential support to the most disadvantaged children in Lebanon to ensure they remain in school and complete their education.This well established programme now operates four centres, the majority of which are located in some of the poorest suburbs of Beirut, and supports children regardless of faith or ethnicity.


Father Paul Karam, President of Caritas Lebanon, said ‘We are delighted with the offer from the Trust to assist us in raising funds to ensure the continuation and expansion of this vital program which affects the lives and futures of these children.’


Ian Linden, Chairman of the Trust commented ‘On behalf of the Trustees we are pleased that Caritas Lebanon has accepted our offer to assist them in raising the vital funds necessary to ensure the continuation of this important project that over the years has made such a difference to hundreds of children, their families and their communities’.



Kevin Hart (Hon Secretary, The Constantinian Trust)


Cristoforo Rocco di Torrepadula (Hon Treasurer, The Constantinian Trust)



London and Beirut 1st December, 2019

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