An early decision reached by the working party that led to the setting up of the Trust concluded that it was essential to work in partnership with a robust local NGO with an established presence in Lebanon. It was also considered important that this entity had a successful track record in terms of impact, was able to work seamlessly across ethnic and religious communities and had experience in the field of education in less than optimal local conditions.



Caritas Lebanon


Our partner in this project is Caritas Lebanon (see joint announcement), an organisation that shares Caritas International’s global reputation for human development and poverty alleviation. Caritas Lebanon has unique experience of the local challenges posed by Lebanon’s grossly underfunded and vastly overcrowded public education system. We share our partner’s fundamental insight and long held commitment to its ground-breaking ‘Afterschool Program’. Maintaining one child in school and allowing that child to complete their education has the potential to have a significant impact not only on their siblings and immediate family but on neighbours, communities and their society.