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The Afterschool Programme:

Caritas Lebanon's Afterschool Programme (ASP) was launched in 2005 and serves disadvantaged communities in and around Beirut. ASP works with around 400 children, assisting approximately 300 families of all religious backgrounds, adopting a multidisciplinary approach.

ASP’s goals are:

  • To improve educational attainment and the retention of vulnerable Lebanese and refugee children at risk of dropping out;

  • To offer practical support to enhance the socio-educational competencies of these disadvantaged children; and,

  • To help refugee children in particular make positive contributions to their communities when they return home to begin the process of reconstruction.

Children come to ASP’s attention and centres through referrals, generally in the following circumstances:

  • Special needs children referred by public schools and social services;

  • Low-income families;

  • Children facing repeated academic difficulties and at high risk of falling behind;

  • Children with limited homework support due to low educational attainment at the parent level; and,

  • Children who live is overcrowded housing conditions that impact their ability to learn and progress.

ASP’s activities include:

  • Daily homework support;

  • Remedial classes;

  • Exam revision and support; and,

  • Support during the summer break.

Further details can be found here

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