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Afterschool Centres

TCCT is engaged with Caritas Lebanon to undertake fundraising efforts for 2 ASP Centres in the Dekwaneh and Ain El-Remmaneh suburbs of Beirut. Dekwaneh, in the eastern suburbs of Beirut, and Ain El-Remmaneh to the south-east of the city, are multi-cultural neighbourhoods with a high concentration of people from vulnerable groups, especially low-income families and refugee, who share common issues (poverty; weak infrastructure; low-quality housing).

The Dekwaneh centre is located in the facilities of the Ecole Libanaise; the Ain El-Remmaneh centre is located in similar school facilities locally. Caritas pays a monthly rent for use of classrooms and other facilities in the afternoons for the ASP Centre.


The centres provide daily tutoring to children throughout the academic year. Alongside this, the centres provide leisure and artistic activities, outings, summer camps and awareness raising sessions both during the school year and during the holidays. Managed by a coordinator with extensive education experience, a social worker is also involved, liaising with families, schools and local social services. Tutors are qualified teachers selected primarily from public schools in the local community, ensuring maximum alignment with the children’s educational needs. These tutors are paid by the programme, which increases their monthly income and incentivises their participation. Caritas provides funding as well as specialised services for children with medical, social and psychological difficulties. Caritas volunteers support the programme team in implementing leisure activities and summer camps.

Each centre has an annual budget of US$ 92,000 and TCCT aims to cover 80% of the funding for an initial period of 3 years (total amount for the 3-year period: US$ 440,000). The remaining 20% will come from our Caritas partners and municipal funding in the local administrative districts.

Annual Project Budget Breakdown (Source: Caritas Lebanon)

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